Getting Started

Updating Configuration

The first step to do post setup is to update the configuration. The config folder contains all the configuration files. Check sample configuration wf.cfg. Check detailed configuration options.

Starting Whitefield

cd whitefield
./invoke_whitefield config/wf.cfg

Stopping Whitefield

./scripts/wfshell stop_whitefield


❯ ./scripts/wfshell
wfsh# <tab><tab>
cmd_config_info        cmd_ipv6_stats         cmd_node_osname        cmd_rtsize             cmd_udp_stats          path_downstream
cmd_def_route          cmd_mac_stats          cmd_node_position      cmd_set_node_position  exit                   path_upstream
cmd_get_udpapp_stat    cmd_nd6_stats          cmd_route_table        cmd_start_udp          help                   plot_network_graph
cmd_icmp_stats         cmd_node_exec          cmd_rpl_stats          cmd_tcp_stats          native_shell           stop_whitefield

wfshell sends the command to Airline or Stackline and prints the response. The command can be sent to all nodes or to specific nodes.

./scripts/wfshell <cmd_foobar> ... executes cmd_foobar on all the nodes
./scripts/wfshell <cmd_foobar> <node_id> ... executes cmd_foobar on node_id only